Sup Holmes

Sup holmes.  You like tacos?  Well I know this place right down the street, fool. It’s called Gonzo’s and it’s fairly new to the Fullerton area.  I had been eyeing it for a while, and as you might have already read about HERE – I made Eddie go with me when I was still sick but craving … Continue reading Sup Holmes

Socks for Supper

There is nothing worse for a foodie (perhaps, other than a terrible meal) than getting sick.  Taste buds – obliterated.  To the point where I almost question my ability to ever taste again.  It’s pretty dire, folks.  You only taste the base of the flavor – salty, sweet or bland – in a really bland … Continue reading Socks for Supper

Pasta with Pride

     As promised, we are sharing our 4th of July meal – a pasta with pride! DID YOU KNOW? “Archaeologists believe that Central Asia is most likely the first area to have produced noodles thousands of years ago.  The way it reached Europe is unclear, though there are many theories…” (ahem, Marco Polo) <link found … Continue reading Pasta with Pride